As we explore what personal growth means to individuals, we connected with some women who inspire us as a brand. Chrissie Torres discusses how she channels inner peace amidst the noise in the world. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm happiest when I'm around nature!

What is personal growth to you, and how do you see it happening for yourself?

Personal growth is being able to love yourself fully! I see it happening for myself once I'm able to afford more time for my personal self care. Deeper meditations and more substantial one-on-one musings with my own mind. There's so much noise in the world and I think personal growth starts when you can channel some inner peace. :)

What daily rituals do you do to see change happen in your life?

More consistent morning meditations and practicing my tibetan rituals (exercises) with the family. :)

What changes have you made that you're most proud of?

I'm in the middle of so many projects at the moment and I was happy to finally set a structure to them. Making a schedule, recognising boundaries and following a to do list really helped me to make progress. My Tuesday "day offs" are my "me days". (Though I can't help but still do a little work :P)

How do you think being kinder to yourself can lead to being kinder to mother nature?

Everyone and everything in the universe is connected and kindness is an energy we need to circulate more of! When you are kind to yourself, you practice how to be kind to another extension of your own being, the cocoon that surrounds all of us - nature.

How can sustainable brands like NANU help you in the process of being kinder to yourself and mother nature?

I love supporting brands that bring you closer to nature! Mother nature is a brilliant designer of objects and of life. The closer we are to nature, the more of it's gifts we receive! I love how NANU keeps the ingredients simple, free from chemicals and even packages their products in reusable containers, thus working with nature's ingredients rather than disrupting it.

Thank you to Chrissie for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Chrissie, check her on InstagramUse code CHRISSIE10 for a 10% discount starting May 19 until June 19 2021.

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