• Mom's who love Nanu: Meet Tita Pia Guerrero 💗

    The convenience of replenishing our shower supply in a click of a button, we love Nanu’s transparency as a brand that sticks to its promises, and the quality of their products are very good.
  • Make the switch with Yna, today!

    Yna has saved 9 plastic bottles from reaching our landfills and oceans with NANU! 🌸   Introduce yourself! Hi I’m Yna. I’m into creatives & the arts and love to find ways to make my life better for both me & the planet 🌏 I love animals and seeing them out and about during my nature walks...
  • Make the switch with Chab!

    I think a lot of people have this notion that you need to deprive yourself of things you enjoy in order to live sustainably. I want to share that that’s just not true! Even little switches can make a big difference—and they could even be a stepping stone to bigger things in your eco-friendly journey.