Frequently Asked Questions

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To NANU, clean beauty means creating products that contain natural and quality ingredients and minimize our environmental impact. Our products are also made with all-natural, non-toxic, and organic ingredients!

Since our ingredients are non-toxic, they are safe for all skin and hair types, even for pregnant women and babies! They are paraben, sulfate, and cruelty free and vegan. Refer to each product’s page for the complete list for ingredients.

To reduce plastic waste, we want to make the pump optional. All NANU bottles come with a twistable aluminum cap. You can keep reusing the pumps for as long as you want. The longer you keep it and the more you reuse it, the better for the environment!

When you recycle a plastic bottle, only around 10-20% of the plastic can be successfully recycled and is often downgraded to another form of single use plastic. Aluminum bottles can be repurposed and recycled without any quality loss! :)

Aluminum is a lightweight metal so it can be prone to dents if it takes a good hit or if it takes a fall, but dents are just blemishes and are battle scars to prove that we are truly recycling our aluminum bottles and producing less waste! Our Kapitolyo plant has a strict quality control process that will make sure every NANU bottle we sanitize, recycle, and fill can still hold 500ml and will not be at risk for permanent damage.

Our bottle return process is simple! When you want to replenish your NANU product, simply order again on and unlock free shipping at checkout when you select how many bottles you will return.* Once your delivery has arrived, just return your empty NANU bottles to our friendly riders. That’s it!

*Shipping fee is P99 without a bottle return.

Our bottles are recyclable rather than refillable. To adhere to FDA regulations, we have an FDA-approved sanitation process that our plant strictly follows and regulates. Rest assured all NANU bottles go through thorough cleaning and quality checks to ensure product and packaging safety.

If you do not want to reorder, you may still return your NANU bottle to our Kapitolyo plant (57 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig City) to be sanitized, recycled, and filled again to sell! However, you may also reuse the bottle in any way you would like :)

If NANU isn't for you, we recommend sharing your NANU product with your friends and family and encourage them to help reduce plastic waste! Alternatively, we can also give you a full refund. Just reach out to us via and make sure to include "Refund" in your email subject so we can prioritize your order.