Protect your energy at all cost 🔮

Have you ever wondered what someone means when they say "protect your energy?" How do we reclaim our energy when we feel drained by other people's energies? Here are a few tips on how we can take responsibility for the energies that can surround us. 

1. Recognize your own emotions. 

Each one of us deal with an overwhelming amount of things during the day that we seldom stop to pay any attention to the signs that alert us of our own feelings. For example, feeling stressed is the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with mental or emotional pressure. If we know the signs, we can chill out faster and catch that stress before it erupts. Some signs that would lead to this are irritability, feeling out of it, or headaches. We have to remind ourselves that we are human and things will and can upset us. Learning how to be aware of our emotions is the first step to protecting our energy and not wasting it on stressful things that we can easily monitor and even avoid. 

2. Set clear and firm boundaries

We should never feel bad for putting ourselves first. Don't ever feel bad for saying no. This self-preservation act is a challenging task - some may even be upset when we do so however this is needed to protect our own energies from wrong consumptions.

You have to get to know yourself  and everything about you, and have the courage to voice it out. Learn to say "that doesn’t work for me, maybe some other time, no thanks." Drawing a line beyond which you simply can’t extend yourself is a powerful protective measure that lets you hone your energy, and keeps the draining influences of other people’s demands away from you. Don’t feel bad for saying no. Your needs are just as important as the person you think you need to please.

3. Use mindfulness to limit your exposure to negativity.

This is all about being aware of your thoughts and intentions. We are what we think we are, so when you constantly focus on how stressed or tired you are, how busy this awful day is, stressed, tired and busy are all you’ll be. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re talking to yourself, as well as how the attitudes of those around you affect you. When you achieve this awareness, tuning into positivity becomes so much easier. This has to do with the law of attraction, but we will save that for a different blog. 😉


4. Set aside time that is just for you

This will look different for everybody. Personally, the NANU team finds comfort in the beginning hours of each day, where it feels like the whole world is asleep and still. Thoughts are clearer in the morning and aligning your intentions and the energy you'd want to get from the day is easier to release. It could also be taking a full minute to sit with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, imagining that ideal space in your head where you feel most at ease, it recharges your battery like you won’t believe. As long as you're taking the time to align your intentions with your energy - whatever this may look like for you. 

5. Be aware of your triggers.

We all have our own triggers, it could be deadlines or borderline depleting your social battery. Protect your energy from the wasting effects of things like anxiety and stress by getting to know yourself - including your triggers. If you are aware that deadlines make you want to hide under a rock, make sure to have your own personal deadline and save yourself from that excruciating period of time that you already know will make your stomach curl. Social nerves? Be picky with the people you spend your time with,  pick the people you actually enjoy and not the ones you feel pressured to attend. There is power in saying no and not feeling bad about it. 

All these tips have one commonality: Self-awareness is extremely important to master for it to come into full effect. We have to get to know ourselves from inside & out - all the good & the ugly, in order to be have the ability to protect our energies and in turn, it will help us be closer to our ideal selves. 


A Simple Practice To Protect Your Energy

by Clara Wisner is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and Self-Love Guide.

When you're in a situation that feels overwhelming, out of your control, or you’re around someone who always seems to be pushing your buttons, you can use this simple practice:

  1. Ask yourself this question: “What percentage of the way I feel right now is mine?”
  2. When you have a number in mind, let’s say it’s 20%, you can take a deep breath  and release the breath while saying to yourself or out loud, “I send this energy that is not mine back from where it came; blessed and transformed.” You have transmuted energy from heaviness into a blessing.
  3. As far as the 20% (or whatever number you came up with) that is yours, take another breath and imagine your heart expanding to fit this energy inside it. Feel the heat, the tightness, the tingling sensation or whatever comes up that is the feeling you don’t like in your physical body. Stay with this feeling with zero judgment until it starts to dissolve and transform it into love.

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