As we celebrate growth and friendship, we connected with a few individuals who call each other their "BFF." See how much Tabitha treasures her friendship with Emilienne.

Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship?

She is the sun to my moon, we are two halves of one whole idiot. - and we love it that way! No matter what situation we are in, we always seem to lift each other up just by being by each other's side. Throughout the years, we have been busy with our own lives and growth but anytime we speak it's like nothing has changed. We're low maintenance best friends that don't need constant conversation - yet we still know that if one needs the other - we drop everything and we'll be the first ones there!

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced together?

We both push each other to be ourselves and the best versions of it. There are times we don't see eye to eye and because we are so alike in many different aspects, we tend to butt heads! But since we know each other like sisters, we sometimes go through fights but we both know it all comes from a place of love <3

How have you kept your bond strong through the years?

Through telekinesis... hahaha. We've lived together for a long period of time in the past and we got used to each other's quirks and personalities that sometimes, we don't need to verbalize our feelings. and that's the best feeling! understanding each other without the need to ask for an explanation.

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

We grew up in very different environments, I was pushed into the world at a very young age that led me to be independent in some ways, and my best friend grew up sheltered and secure, yet independent in other ways. As with growth, we've changed emotionally in terms of reacting to judgement and our view of self. Yay for growth!

How were you able to help each other get through the change?

By reminding ourselves that change is inevitable and the only thing we are responsible for is how we react to it and learn from it - together!

How do you bring out the best in each other?


What are you excited about for one another?

To reach our personal goals and career goals!

Thank you to Tabitha and Emilienne for spending this time with us. Get to know Tabitha and Emilienne on their social media platforms. Tabitha has her own ready-to-drink cocktail business available on our site or through her order formUse code TABSEMILIENNE10 for a 10% discount starting June 16 until July 16 2021.

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