As we celebrate growth and friendship, we connected with a few individuals who call each other their "BFF." See how Nadine and Maxine flow through life with one another.


Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship?

Nadine: I’m pretty sure we have the stereotypical friendship of sisters who’ve grown up together, gone to the same schools from grade school to college, and been roommates forever aka a lot of kwentos, a lot of arguments, but undeniably a lot of love and appreciation all throughout as well.

Max: As sisters with a small age gap, who were college roommates, teammates, and are now in quarantine together — I think it’s safe to say we have a very “can’t live with them, can’t live without them” relationship 🤪 We’ll definitely hide out in our rooms sometimes and do our own thing and the next moment you’re popping in the other person’s room doing a random dance number and definitely getting in their personal space (hahaha) there is no in between.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced together?

Nadine: Definitely being together 24/7—at home, in our college condo, in football training, and in 2-4 hour car rides home from games—has driven us both crazy numerous times 🤣

Max: I think it’s always difficult when you change the circumstances of a relationship and for us that happened in 2 big ways, the first was when we became college teammates as a freshie and senior. The second is when we decided to start a business and I think you can already imagine the difficulties of being in a work relationship with someone so close to you! Like, where are the lines?? It’s a work in progress but I’m proud to say that I think we’ve both grown a lot from the experience 💛


How have you kept your bond strong through the years?

Nadine: Communication, understanding, and patience (a lot of it) has been key to us loving each other more than we want to strangle each other lol 

Max: I agree with Nads wahahah


What was the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

Nadine: I think because we’re so close in age and have gone through such similar life changes together, we’ve grown up and changed together as well so it’s not so instantly apparent when we do change. But maybe because I’ve known her literally my whole life, I have been able to watch her mature and become the more mindful and driven person she is today. 

Max: As an older sister I think you don’t really see big changes right away because you’re always together but maybe as an ate it’s when they reach a certain age when you feel like you can start treating them as a confidant 👯‍♀️


How were you able to help each other get through the change?

Nadine: I think for most of my life, and as the younger sister, I’m usually more of a spectator or a listener when my older sister has gone through changes. But like with most families, I think supporting each other and really listening helps the most.

Definitely the role we’ve played for each other throughout all the changes in our lives is just that basic security that you’ll always have someone by your side at the end of the day!

How do you bring out the best in each other?

Nadine: I think the perk of knowing each other as well as we do is that we (usually) can read each other so we often don’t need to say anything. We know when the other needs space, advice, or a helping hand and we’re always looking out for each other. 

Max: Having someone who knows you so well and who you know will always be there gives you the freedom to push your limits and take on new challenges knowing that you’ll always have the support & stability of family.


What are you excited about for one another?

Nadine: I’m excited for her to take and pass (!!!) her architecture boards, build the house of my dreams for me one day (1/2jk hahah) and grow her business to its full potential 💕

I’m excited to see her take on post-college adult life and to see her business (or whatever else she sets her heart on) blossom 🌸🌱


Thank you to Max and Nadine for spending this time with us. Get to know Max and Nadine on their social media platforms. They both have their own businesses called Sunhandsco and InexactiveUse code MAXNADINE10 for a 10% discount starting June 16 until July 16 2021.

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