As we celebrate growth and friendship, we connected with a few individuals who call each other their "BFF." See how Margaux and Pat were able to take on life's challenges together.


Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship?

Margaux: Pat and I practically grew up together because we've been in each other's lives since 2008 and our friendship just gets better every year. She's my go-to for everything and anything in life.

Patricia: We’ve been friends since grade school and our friendship consists of 24/7 texting, making chikka, shopping, and trying out new restos!!


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve experienced together?

Margaux: I think the biggest challenge Pat and I went through was when we were at that life stage wherein we had to learn the art of slow growth to achieve more self love for ourselves! But we made it! Haha

Patricia: Managing to drop everything to give time, be all ears, & be there for each other when we’re at each other’s lowest despite our busy schedules


How have you kept your bond strong through the years?

Margaux: As Pat said, we definitely had to make time for each other despite our busy life schedules. We made sure that we still did our usuals together no matter what and checked up on each other!

Patricia: Maintaining our friendship has always been easy, we’ve been present in all the different stages of each other’s lives!! It’s really a matter of always being there for each other for anything & everything.


What was the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

Margaux: Over the years, I was a witness of Pat's highs and lows and I definitely saw how those experiences turned her into the happiest and strongest version of herself. I've never seen her better and I'm glad that I was there with her every step of the way!

Patricia: I’ve watched Mergs continuously become more confident and hardworking when it comes to all the things she wants to achieve in life, whether it be in terms of work or fitness. She’s the literal definition of a go-getter!


How were you able to help each other get through the change?

Margaux: I guess we’re really just very real to each other from the beginning. When we would be struggling with something tough, we'd give the best advice and if we were to go through a series of highs, we were there to push and motivate each other to keep going. We just supported each other through everything.

Patricia: Dealing with change is never easy, so we constantly support, motivate and reassure each other that everything’s going to be okay!

How do you bring out the best in each other?

Margaux: By simply just being there for each other and giving the best advice!

Patricia: We constantly advice one another to always do the right thing and make the best decisions in everything we do (except for shopping LOL)


What are you excited about for one another?

Margaux: I guess right now is being able to still grow and thrive together in life despite the situation.

Patricia: I’m excited that Margaux is FINALLY part of the BTS army and we now have more things to bond over 🤣

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