As we celebrate growth and friendship, we connected with a few individuals who call each other their "BFF." See how sisters Francesca and Francine have gotten closer as they decided to put up a The Daily Knead together.


Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship?

Francesca: Francine and I are sisters who are almost 10 years apart. Despite the age gap, she and I are inseparable! We do everything together, both work and play!

Francine: We were born into this friendship! Since we work together, and practically do everything together, I’d like to think our relationship is quite unique since we know how to separate our personal lives with work.

Now that you both have a business together, what would you say is the most challenging part in having businesses with your friends?

Francesca: I honestly don’t find it challenging. My sister and I have learnt how to separate our personal relationship, to our professional relationship. If anything, she and I have grown closer together as we have both learnt how to navigate through running our businesses together quite seamlessly. I feel very fortunate to have such an amazing business partner and sister, all rolled into one!

Francine: Funnily enough, being business partners is honestly not a challenge for us. If anything, I find that we work so well together since we fuel each other’s ideas, and we just go wild with our imagination. We grew up learning to not take things too personally. Both of us have such strong personalities that being honest with each other is second nature.

How have you kept your bond strong through the years?

Francesca: When I moved to Australia, my sister and I found ourselves calling each other and confiding in each other a lot. Whenever she would visit, it would be such a treat. I’ve always made it a point to create memories with my siblings, we would always do a variety of experiences with each other. 

Francine: Our relationship is a lot stronger now than what it was years ago. Distance really did bring us together, and just having a sister to navigate life with is just such a special experience. We’re definitely the ones in our family that love to plan holidays so we  always make it a point to find pockets of moments wherein we can focus on creating memories together.

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

Francesca: Before my sister graduated college she was already working for the paper. When we started working together, she was already a gun! As each year passes, she continues to amaze me with her progress and ability to think on her feet!

Francine: Since starting the bakery, my sister has definitely developed so much confidence and joy in her craft. Being in the kitchen has always been a passion of hers, and I remember years ago, we’d talk endlessly about her aspirations and goals. After more than a decade of manifesting, I’m just so proud that she finally decided to do it. I’m so happy that I get to witness her dreams unfold, and that everyone will get a chance to taste the love and passion she puts into every single thing that she does.

How were you able to help each other get through the change?

Francesca: Support! There’s nothing like having someone to bounce off on - the good, and the bad! No matter what we're going through, I know that we will always have each other’s back!

Francine: We’re definitely each other’s cheerleader! There’s nothing in life that makes me happier than seeing her succeed, and grow.  I guess it’s safe to say that we just understand each other to know that whatever happens in life, family will always be there to give you that boost of confidence that you need.

How do you bring out the best in each other?

Francesca: As sisters, encouragement and being there for one another has given me the courage to take chances and believe in myself far more than I ever used to. 

Francine: It’s ingrained in our DNA to be there for each other. There’s nobody who understands me better than my sister. Being each other's support system gives us the confidence to be our best selves, and allows us to uplift each other when life knocks us down.

How are you both able to separate your friendship with business?

Francesca: When we had first started working together, we had always agreed to keep our personal lives separate from our professional ones. We have established this firmly in the beginning and have just made sure to carry it through our day to day.

Francine: We’ve made an agreement from the get-go to not mix work and our personal life. We’re also not the type to hold grudges — there’s just too much energy wasted when ill feelings are left brewing. The fact that we are always so honest with each other is refreshing because we find that we deal with a lot of people that have a hard time being real with each other, and that never ends well.

Do you have any advice for friends who want to start a business together?

Francesca: Make sure that you both understand the line between business and friendship. Be open enough to have difficult conversations and make sure that no matter what, you support each other through it all! 

Francine: Being honest with each other is the best way to make things work. Having a conversation with each other can help clarify situations that may occur, and always remember why you wanted to start this together.


Thank you to Francesca and Francine for spending this time with us. Get to know Francine and Francesca on their social media platforms. They both have their own businesses called TheDailyKnead. Use code THEDAILYKNEAD10 for a 10% discount starting June 16 until July 16 2021.

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