As we celebrate growth and friendship, we connected with a few individuals who call each other their "BFF." See how Caitlin and Dani help each other grow.


Can you tell us a little bit about your friendship?

Caitlin: Dani and is definitely one of my college constants! I feel like we’ve been together through it all– from the adjustment phase in college, to little spontaneous moments everyday, and during some truly life-changing trip.

Dani: Cait is one of my college bffs! Funnily, we met when we were kids but hadn’t gotten close or kept in touch. But when we finally crossed paths again in college, we became lifelong friends.

Now that you both have a business together, what would you say is the most challenging part in having businesses with your friends?

Dani: We are definitely friends first before anything else. That being said, the line between work and friendship tends to blur— just because it’s so easy for us to go on and talk about things that aren’t necessarily related to the business. It’s somewhat of a challenge but it makes working together all the more fun as well.

Caitlin: Definitely agree with Dani! I would say that especially because our business was inspired by a lot of beautiful moments out in the world together, we’re very in sync about the direction we want to go. The only challenge would probably be balancing Homebodies + college during our shared hell weeks. 

How have you kept your bond strong through the years?

Caitlin: I think Dani said it best before when she told me, “you’ll always get something out of it if you just show up.” Pre and mid-pandemic, definitely showing up for each other and for exciting moments has made all the difference!

Dani: Some of my best college memories have been shared with Cait. Pre-pandemic, we would be together almost everyday. We are part of the same classes, orgs and friend groups so naturally, all the time we spent together has only strengthened our bond. 

What was the biggest change you’ve seen in each other?

Caitlin: Four years is a lot of time! I feel like we’ve both grown into ourselves so much. I’d say there’s been a lot of change for both of us with being more outgoing and brave.  

Dani: I think we’ve seen each other step out of our comfort zones, in various contexts. But each time we’ve also witnessed the growth and opportunities that have come from doing just that. 

How were you able to help each other get through the change?

Caitlin: I think sometimes you just need to step out of where you are, have some good conversations, and align with who you’ve become. We’ve definitely done that a lot together!!

Dani: Like Cait said, we’ve pretty much been together for it all. It’s always more reassuring (and fun!) when you have a friend who is walking through life with you. 

How do you bring out the best in each other?

Caitlin: Dani has definitely taught me to be more laid back, go with the flow, and just have fun with things! 

Dani: Being friends with Cait has made me appreciate life more-- the big and the little things!

How are you both able to separate your friendship with business?

Caitlin: Based on the premise of Homebodies, I think it works out really well because we do the creative stuff completely collaboratively, but take responsibility operationally :)

Dani: Our friendship, in the form of our shared interests and experiences, is the basis of Homebodies so I wouldn’t exactly say there’s a separation to begin with. Of course, technically speaking, having designated roles is what allows the business to function.

Do you have any advice for friends who want to start a business together?

Caitlin: Definitely to approach it like you would with strangers at first! Be sure to really outline roles, delegate tasks, make trackers and sheets, etc.– so the hard stuff is out of the way, and your friendship makes it feel like it isn’t work at all! 

Dani: Before putting up Homebodies, we’d always talk and joke about starting our own business.. But the only way to actually do that is to start. So yeah, pretty cliche but just do it!


Thank you to Caitlin and Dani for spending this time with us. Get to know Caitlin and Dani on their social media platforms. They both have their own businesses called Homebodies. Use code DANICAITLIN10 for a 10% discount starting June 16 until July 16 2021.

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