As we explore what personal growth means to individuals, we connected with some women who inspire us as a brand. See what fuels Pia Lopa as she pursues happiness for herself and the people around her.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Oh whow! You guys got me thinking hehe well I guess that's one thing about myself, other than being a part time Instructor and Product Director of Electric Studio, I put a lot of thought into what I have to do and say. I don't like leaving things half baked (unless we're talking about chocolate chip cookies) I'm a fan of being true to yourself and others; speaking and acting from the heart and not what I think will please people.
I believe that if you focus on things that will make you truly happy with the mindset of growing to be the greatest person you can be, you will unconsciously affect those around you and hopefully encourage them to live their lives with a smile on their face and fueled to keep going. And I guess that's another thing, I'm a fan of deep conversations which might explain my answer to this question hehe so thank you!

What is personal growth to you, and how do you see it happening for yourself?

Oh yes, another good question –feeling beauty pageant? hehe kidding!

Personal growth starts from focusing on who you are and having the willingness to learn more about yourself and then accepting that you will have a list of weaknesses, yet see more of your strengths. I guess this is (how I saw and still) see personal growth happening. Realizing what is for you and what is not, and then working towards what you can be great at while using your strengths and weaknesses as your guide.

What daily rituals do you do to see change happen in your life?

I have recently learned to fully write on a planner hehe I write everything I need (and want) to do, from work to home chores. This has drastically helped me go through my days and ease my anxiety during this pandemic. Not only does it help me remember what I have to do or see what's happening for the week, the fact that I get the job done lets me give myself some Me Time and quality time with fam.

What changes have you made that you're most proud of?

The most recent change that I am extremely proud of is how I was able to help Electric Studio pivot its business model during this time of pandemic. This experience showed me that I am capable of dealing with adversity. It has helped me discover leadership skills that I never thought I had.

How do you think being kinder to yourself can lead to being kinder to mother nature?

It's as simple as my belief that what I do onto myself is what I do onto others (and to the rest of God's creation).

How can sustainable brands like NANU help you in the process of being kinder to yourself and mother nature?

Knowing that NANU is a sustainable personal care product that I will use on a daily basis, it will definitely be a constant reminder to live a more responsible lifestyle.

Thank you to Pia for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Pia, check her on InstagramUse code PIA10 for a 10% discount starting May 19 until June 19 2021.

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