Big Changes Start With Me: Patricia Lasaten

The journey towards sustainability isn't an easy one, but with each commitment to mindful action, it becomes a more attainable reality. 

In this series of interviews, we shed light on how young Filipinos are contributing to bring this collective dream of ours to life.

It's an honor to have Patricia Lasaten with us for this.

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

I’m celebrating Earth Day by sharing environment-related information on my social media and encouraging other people to recycle their trash. 

What's the biggest change you've made for the environment?

We started to see a rise in online shopping because of the pandemic. So much single-use plastic is being thrown out, so I started setting aside the plastic packaging from my online orders and decided to have them collected for up-cycling. This way, they don't just end up in landfills. We started putting recyclables in an area in our home. After every month we would segregate them according to plastic or paper type. We would then have them picked up by a local up-cycling company.

What are your main resources of information about the realities of climate change?

I follow multiple news outlets on my social media accounts, so I get a lot of information from there. Sometimes I see environment-related posts from my friends and I would learn from the information they share.

Can you give at least 3 actionable steps that we can take in our daily lives to secure a better future?

Set aside your recyclables in a box in your home. You don’t even have to sort them right away. Just put them all in a box and set it aside for you to segregate on another day. Some companies can pick up your recyclables and they’d be able to dispose of or upcycle them properly. By doing this, your trash won’t just end up in landfills.

Make more mindful decisions on what products you consume. It’s human nature to want to accumulate things, but as much as possible, try to maximize the things you already have before buying more things.

Bring around an eco-bag when you go shopping. This way, you won’t accumulate paper bags or single-use plastic in your home.  

What does your ideal green future look like? 

I’d like to see a world with less plastic, and people making more conscious efforts towards taking care of the environment. I also hope to see more companies adapting to more sustainable products.


Thank you to Patricia for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Patricia, check her on her website, on Instagram, and on Youtube. Use code PATLASATEN for a 10% discount starting April 23 until June 23 2021.

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