As we explore the journey towards intentional living, we connected with some of the women who inspire us as a brand. See how Mikee Atayde attracts positive energy everyday. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

1st year medical student, part time gym junkie, animal lover, and trying my best to fully transform into the most sustainable person I can be!

What is personal growth to you, and how do you see it happening for yourself?

personal growth is self development and enhancing all aspects of my life and being. I see this happening for myself through the little things such as trying to attract positive energy and sharing it with others around me. 

What daily rituals do you do to see change happen in your life?

Meditate, Journal, Workout and Pray

What changes have you made that you're most proud of?

I cry less, I am more calm and collected, and I always sleep on an issue before reacting immediately on it.

How do you think being kinder to yourself can lead to being kinder to mother nature?

By doing these simple things such as making time for myself, taking care of myself, respecting myself, and forgiving myself-- attracting this type of energy on the daily can definitely lead me to being kinder to mother nature! what I do to myself, what I want for myself, is what I would want for everyone around me, including our earth.

How can sustainable brands like NANU help you in the process of being kinder to yourself and mother nature?

NANU has already been helping me be more sustainable since day 1. Ever since I started trying the products --I have never been so conscious sustainability. I now take notice of what I purchase online, I always ask for less plastic in my packaging, I remind restaurants not to give me too much tissue or any utensils, etc. I'd like to think I have been more of a sustainable person because of NANU.

How did you find out about NANU?

Learned about NANU from a friend and checked out their ig.

How has your experience been with NANU?

Great so far, it’s been my staple shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion for a while now.

What was your transition to NANU like? Especially from your old bath products?

It was quick! I made sure to finish my old products before I made the switch and since then I have been using Nanu.

What made you stick with NANU?

Scent, quality of product, and of course, what the product stands for.

Every when do you repurchase a new bottle?

Monthly since I share with my mom. :)

Thank you to Mikee for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Mikee, check her on InstagramUse code MIKEE10 for a 10% discount starting May 19 until June 19 2021.

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