As we explore the journey towards intentional living, we connected with some of the women who inspire us as a brand. See how Annika Coscolluela practices mindfulness in what she consumes.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm Annika. I'm a senior taking up Legal Management in Ateneo. I'm a leader in a few organizations within and outside of school. I'm currently an intern at Villgro Philippines, a early-stage impact incubator to support entrepreneurs who are passionate about addressing urgent social issues. Outside of work and school, I love dancing, reading books, listening to music and podcasts, and baking! Before the pandemic, my favorite places to go were concerts and the beach (and it's where I'm most excited to go when it's allowed!)

What is personal growth to you, and how do you see it happening for yourself?

Personal growth for me is being able to make decisions that I'm proud of, and enabling the growth of other people while I'm at it. I see it happening for me by being very intentional with the steps I take, especially moving forward into the next chapter of my life.

What daily rituals do you do to see change happen in your life?

Exercise! Definitely the one with the biggest impact on my overall well-being. Aside from that, listening to things that make me happy or reading books so that my brain is working!

What changes have you made that you're most proud of?

Taking more time for myself. Prioritizing self care was difficult for me previously but I've slowly been able to work on it.

How do you think being kinder to yourself can lead to being kinder to mother nature?

I think that being kinder to myself can lead to being kinder to mother nature because it's so important to be mindful of what you consume. If I'm a more responsible consumer, it benefits both me and the world at large!

How can sustainable brands like NANU help you in the process of being kinder to yourself and mother nature?

By making being kinder to myself and nature more accessible. I think that living a more environment-conscious lifestyle makes people think that it's expensive when in truth, it should just start with making simple changes and adapting your lifestyle bit by bit. Sustainable brands can meet people in the middle, especially those who are accustomed to their existing lifestyles and product habits, in order to make them feel that it is possible for them.

How did you find out about NANU?


How has your experience been with NANU?

Great! I started off with the shampoo and lotion, then I added the conditioner and body wash to my collection. I'm really happy with its effect on my hair and body; and that I was able to switch to a more environmentally-friendly product that works really well for me.

What was your transition to NANU like? Especially from your old bath products?

It was pretty easy, I'm really happy that I can go back to liquid soap and shampoo without feeling guilty about its impact on the environment.

What made you stick with NANU?

The products work really well for me and it's super easy to order!

Every when do you repurchase a new bottle?

Whenever it finishes, which depends on the product.

Thank you to Annika for spending this time with us, and for sharing her knowledge and inspiration. To learn more about Annika, check her on InstagramUse code ANNIKAC10 for a 10% discount starting May 19 until June 19 2021.

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